What is an escape room?

You are placed inside a room and have 30 minutes to solve the task at hand using the clues and puzzles hidden throughout. It’s a hectic, fun and challenging dash as you your team work furiously to complete your objective before the time runs out.

Am I actually locked in a room?

No. Comfort and safety is our priority and because of that, we’ll never actually lock you in a room. Our escape rooms focus around an objective and not about freeing yourself from a stuffy cramped room. Our rooms are an immersive themed experience that you aren’t likely to forget.

Someone in my group is claustrophobic (totally not me, asking for a friend), will I freak out?

We’ve had many claustrophobic customers and they’ve all had a great time. You’re not locked in and can step out at any time. There are no confined spaces or crawlspaces so there’s no need to worry.

Do I have to make a reservation online or can we just walk in?

Reservations are highly recommended. You can attempt to walk in but we can not guarantee we’ll have an open room for you. Making a reservation is the only way to make sure that the room you want at the time you want is available and properly staffed.

Can I make a reservation without paying up front and pay on arrival?

Up-front payment of the room minimum must be paid ahead of time to make a reservation. If your group is larger than the room minimum the balance can be paid in cash or card on arrival.

How much does it cost?

$26 per person after noon. $21 per person before noon.

How long does it last?

You have a 30 minute time limit to accomplish the room. Most groups that win will complete the room in 25-30 minutes.

Do you have any Groupon or Living Social deals?

No, we do not. If you’re in the market for a deal, we offer a $5 per person discount if your booking begins before noon.

Is there an age minimum?

If anyone in the group is 15 or under, they must be accompanied by a paying adult participant. There is no charge for children 6 and under. There is nothing age inappropriate or overly scary in our rooms unless otherwise noted and are fun for all ages.

Will there be strangers in the room with us?

No. The rooms are private and reserved entirely for your group regardless of booking size.

Are there any actors in the room that will jump out and scare me? (Asking for a friend, I’m totally not scared)

No. There are no actors in the rooms with you. Nobody will jump out and scare you. Any actions triggered will be done by you and your group.

What do I get if I win?

The satisfaction of winning. The real prize for winning is not losing. All of us who opened this place lost the first escape room we ever did. This was years before we ever thought of opening our own place and that first lost still haunts us. No pressure.

Can I use my phone and/or take pictures in the room?

Sure. Have fun. We don’t lock any of your stuff up. All of your belongings will be in the room with you.