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Our Rooms

$32 per person + tax

Time Machine Trouble

You knew you shouldn’t have chosen Tim’s Discount Time Trips for your latest time travel getaway. Now you’re stuck in an unknown year and stranded in the time travel station with an angry robot uprising quickly closing in on you. …

The Wizarding Hour

While visiting a rival wizard school you hear rumors of a sinister magical creature black market hidden away in the potions classroom and there is only one hour to free the helpless magical beasts before the evil professor returns. Note: …

Wiseguy Lounge

It’s 1979 and you’re part of the infamous crew that robbed JFK airport of over 5 million dollars. The architect of the plan has been making anyone associated with the robbery ‘disappear’ and you have one hour to break into …

T-Rex Lockdown

During a preview tour of a park stocked with ferocious dinosaurs, the power goes out and the predators break free. Your only chance at survival is to seek refuge in a remote dinosaur pen and find a way to restore …


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