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$32 per person + tax

Three Suns Cantina

The nefarious Guild of the Three Suns has kidnapped your beloved pet and have taken her back to their cantina on the desert wasteland of Planet Reksii. There is only one hour to infiltrate the cantina’s trophy room and thaw …

Video ValHalla

Be kind, rewind… or else. It’s 1993 and you’ve snuck into a video rental store with only 60 minutes to break into the return slot and rewind a rented video that you just returned. The rewind fees are outrageous and …

Cabin of the Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil has returned to his birthplace in the secluded Pine Barrens and you’ll become his next victim if you can’t stop his centuries old reign of terror. This room is not suited for children or anyone who doesn’t …

Davy Jones’ Locker

You and your fellow crew of ghosts must retrieve the treasures of your recently sunken ship if you ever want to see land or breathe the sweet salty air ever again. Otherwise you’ll be doomed to walk the ocean floor …


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