Keeping your team engaged and unified is one of the most important factors to any company’s success. At Exit 4 in Glassboro, NJ we specialize in a team-building adventure that is a perfect fit for all ages, professions and industries.

Benefits of an Exit 4 team building event

– Ample space for groups from 4 to 40 participants.
– Teamwork is the most important factor in an escape room victory.
– Our rooms are designed for everyone, regardless of age or disability.
– Leave your claustrophobia at the door because we don’t lock ours. You have a different objective other than simply escaping and because of that you are free to exit the rooms at will with no effect on the game.
– Scheduling is 100% flexible. We can accommodate your team at their most convenient date and time.
– Incredible restaurants are just a few steps away from both of our locations.
– $8 per person discount on all team-building events taking place Monday through Friday 9am-6pm.

Plenty of options for a post-escape meal

Our location in Glassboro is only steps away from fantastic restaurants that would love to feed your hungry team after their escape.

Our Recommendations

Chickie’s and Pete’s (Seafood, Bar, Pizza)- Exclusive Happy Hour specials can be easily arranged
Prime (Burgers, Fried Chicken)
Mexican Mariachi Grill (Mexican, Tequila Bar)
Ry’s at Rowan (Bagels, Coffee)

Simple pricing, easy planning

The cost is usually $28 per person + tax but for corporate team building events we offer an $8 per person discount for to bookings Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and a $2 discount for all other times. Bookings can be held with payment for two players per room up front. There is no need to give us a final head count ahead of time, you’ll simply have to pay for additional participants on arrival.

You can book your event online by choosing your location on our booking page and scrolling to the bottom option to choose “Team Building Event.”

Or email us at or call us at 856-942-1993 and you’ll speak to someone who will ensure that planning your event is a stress free experience.